28 January 2016

I Have a Dishcloth Thing Lately

My latest hooking obsession has been making dishcloths as you have probably figured out from a few posts ago and today's post. The first dishcloth is made from a new-to-me pattern. I have a hard time with the reverse single crochet and crab stitch so I modified the pattern's edging by alternating triple crochets with slip stitches all the way around with the wrong side facing me.

The rest of the dishcloths were made from my favorite dishcloth pattern to make and do dishes with. The main color I used was a soft green and I used a contrasting color. With the green coming from a cone, there was no shortage of that color. I used the small balls of peaches and cream also. From 1 ball, I was able to make 1 dishcloth out of the small ball of yarn with 2 rounds of the green to edge it. There was enough yarn from the small ball to do 2 rounds of edging on one green dishcloth, and 1 round of edging on another. Only a tiny bit remained that I will probably use to make a scrappy dishcloth somewhere down the line. I hate to waste yarn and for everyday use, scrap dishcloths are ok with me.

Think I'll make 1 or 2 more dishcloths and then it's on to a different sort of pattern.

This is all I have that is new for now.

God Bless,