11 July 2012

WIP Wednesday (11 July 2012)

It's going to be a baby blanket when it's finished. I'm working on this in between other things. I finished a "surprise" last night but since it is a surprise for someone I can't show it to you just yet. Also finished an afghan except for weaving in the ends so when I get that done I'll show it to you. Anyway, here's the baby blankie--

The center squares are from this pattern. These squares are a pain in the patootie to make difficult because there are many, many ends to weave in. I'm also using a traditional granny square and a solid granny in this. No plans on who to give this to yet but I'll find someone.

I'm linking this up to the following sites. You can visit them and see some great things and link your project up to them too.
Have fun everyone and stay cool!

I Like These...

Last week when I went to the PX I picked up a copy of Crochet! magazine. There are 2 afghan patterns in there that I am heads over heels for. One is a single color afghan that is very plain but the edging/border is so pretty and it makes the afghan into something special.

From: Gormley, Ellen. "Serene Meadow." Crochet!, Summer 2012, 70-71, 94.

The next one may be at the top of my afghan making list (unless, par for course, I change my mind again). I have enough neutral browns, tans and tweeds in my stash to make this.

From: White, Shari. "Summertime Blues." Crochet!, Summer 2012, 68-69, 93-94.

Okay, that's all I wanted to share with you today. I actually put this together ahead of time so I had a post for today!