30 November 2012

Christmas Sweater for Nellie Belle

1 sweater for Nellie Belle down and 1 for Opi to go. My chi kids are a bit too chubby for the sweater patterns I've found so I've had to improvise on making sweaters for them. Nellie's sweater turned out pretty nice. I only took a quick picture of it to show you and I'll get a better one on Christmas when she's wearing it. Here's her sweater:

This is the pattern, called Santa Dog Costume, I used--with extreme modifications to make the basic sweater. I "winged" the snowman.

I enjoy dressing my little furry kids up but Nellie doesn't like it so I know I'll probably only get her in this a few times. My husband always sides with her when it comes to clothes so I have to sneak them on her lol!

Stay warm...

29 November 2012

Star Pennant for Christmas and MORE slippers!

I have a bunch of tiny balls of yarn leftover from the many pairs of slippers I've been making lately. I decided to look up a pattern to make some crocheted stars and use them to fashion a pennant type thing to use as a decoration for Christmas. Here's the result:

And a close up:

They curled up a little so I used a pressing cloth and my steam iron to flatten them. I love this pattern!

I made a chain and every 45th stitch I attached a star. 

Almost finished decorating my small tree and I'll share with you a little later.

Our Internet was down for a few days so I ended up making 3 more pairs of slippers. I just can't get enough of them for some reason.

26 November 2012

Opi and Nellie Belle Need Christmas Outfits

Nellie Belle Christmas 2011

I was looking around for something to crochet for my 2 chihuahua babies for Christmas. I'm going to share some of these patterns with you because I know a few of you have little dogs too.

There are many more patterns out there just google away and you may find the perfect pattern for your furbaby.

My little ones always get Christmas presents. They're pretty darned spoiled. Most of my Christmas crocheting for the humans is done so it's time to find something to make for Nellie Belle and Opi.

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (26 February 2012)

I was looking for a pattern for mittens and most of them seem to be for those fingerless ones. I wanted some good old-fashioned ones that would keep the fingers warm. This link is not only for mittens but also a hooded scarf to match. If I'm not mistaken, I made this hooded scarf when I was in high school!

Happy Hooking!

Annie's Attic Mysteries

25 November 2012

Another Pineapple Scarf

Tonight I finished another Pineapple Scarf . I've been working on this one between other projects. The yarn I used was some bargain yarn I picked up somewhere and it's probably close to sport weight; the label didn't give a weight or gauge on it. Anyway, here's the picture:

The pattern is Pineapples designed by Elizabeth Ann White in the book Quick and Easy Scarves  from Annies Attic. I think I prefer this scarf made out of the heavier yarn but this is okay too.

My aunt passed away on Thanksgiving. I wish I would have had a chance to see her but at least her children were very supportive and there for her. My family has a tendency to die during the holiday season so I will be very thankful when this one is over.

Have a great week everyone! 

24 November 2012

Hat for Son Matt

I made my son Matthew a hat. He works outdoors and for some reason, he can't keep track of his hats. I love this pattern, the only thing I need to work on is how I seam up the back because it looks a little weird. Here it is:

Pattern Link

I had to upgrade my picasa account to fit this picture in. So, to be economical, I'll put small pictures here that are clickable.

Have a great weekend and thanks for looking.

19 November 2012

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (19 November 2012)

Today's free pattern is for a unisex ski hat. It looks to be fairly simple and is at the top of my to-do list.

Thanks for visiting!

17 November 2012

Another Hat & Scarf Set Plus Slippers

I made another hat and scarf set. This time I used some homespun yarn that I got on clearance because the label was missing. I thought it was off-white or cream color but in some lighting it looks more yellow. Guess it will be ok. These are for a Christmas gift.  Here's the set--

  • Hat pattern is here.
  • Scarf pattern is here.
Both patterns are from Lion Brand site and for some reason whenever I make their patterns, my gauge is really off and I have to downsize my hooks. So note to self: Check gauge!

Here are the slippers I made after I said I was finished making slippers for a while. :)

  • Slipper pattern is here
Thanks for stopping in. Y'all are very much appreciated. Hope you're having a great weekend.

15 November 2012

Hat to Match Pineapple Scarf

After making this scarf:

I decided to make a hat to match because I had a lot of matching yarn. I thought that since the scarf was a little fancy that a plain hat would be best. I used this pattern without the flower. I should have checked my gauge in the beginning because after I finished the hat, it resembled this guys rainhat:

So, I frogged the entire thing and crocheted it again. I think it turned out pretty well. Here it is:

So, to sum up the changes I used in making this pattern-- I omitted the flower, downsized the hooks I used by 2 sizes and I used Lion Suede yarn instead of Homespun. This set is going to a special person for a Christmas present. I think she'll like it (fingers crossed).

Thanks for visiting.

ps--an update on my friend in the hospital. He is hoping to come home Monday. My husband talked with him today and he sounds much better. Thanks to all of you for your prayers.

A "Toe Tapping" Video

Thought I'd share this with you. The dancing and the music had me bouncing around in my chair and my toes tapping! Hope you enjoy it too...

14 November 2012

It's a Scarf!

I finally made something besides slippers. I made this beautiful scarf from Annie's Attic Quick & Easy Scarves. The name of the pattern is Pineapples designed by Elizabeth Ann White.The pattern called for a light weight yarn (3), but I used Lion Suede, a bulky (5) weight yarn. I made a few less pineapple repetitions so it wouldn't be hanging below the knees when worn. I highly recommend this pattern. I never made anything with a pineapple design before and this pattern was extremely user friendly.

Thanks for looking!

ps--I have a confession to make, I started another pair of slippers last night.

12 November 2012

Last Pair of Slippers for a While

We had a friend going into the hospital today, so I  made him a pair of slippers too. He had a tumor on his bladder and when he was opened up this morning, they discovered his prostate also had cancer and both were removed. If you wouldn't mind, he could use our prayers. Thanks everyone.

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (12 November 2012)

When the weather gets chilly, I like to wear a shawl in the house. Today's pattern is for a sweet shawl made with a pineapple pattern. You can see it here. Hope everyone has a great week!

09 November 2012

Husband Finished His Chores

A week ago our combination microwave and exhaust vent died. Since this is the 2nd one we've been through we decided to get an "old fashioned" counter top microwave and the traditional range vent hood. After removing the old microwave, we noticed our tile back splash had been tiled around the bottom edge of the old microwave and  we had to put something there that would coordinate/complement the old. I walked into the kitchen a few minutes ago and saw that Ray finally finished up the back splash  The new vent is great too; the bottom is sealed and cleanup is a snap. Here's the new look:

Husband told me to let you know that the kitchen is not crooked, my photography is! Take care...

Finished Object Friday (09 November 2012)

Yes, it's more slippers. I finally made a pair for a gentleman on my Christmas list, but there are three more pairs for the ladies on my list. I really have to get moving on  making the other things on my Christmas list. I don't know why I'm so addicted to making these slippers lately. I have more ladies pairs made than I really need. Although, sometimes I'll give spontaneous gifts of them away. I'm just rambling on here. Here's the pictures:

Ladies made of variegated and navy yarns

Ladies made of brown, rust and coral yarns (left overs)
I'll probably wear these

Ladies made of variegated and purple yarns

Men's made of gray and navy yarns

Link to pattern.

Y'all have a great weekend!

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