28 March 2011

Progress on Topsy-Turvy Doll

Just thought I'd post pictures on my topsy-turvy doll. It's slow going; but then the first time I make a project always seems to take longer. Problems I've had so far is that the pattern and I don't agree on what is the front loop and what is the back loop so I've had to do some creative adaptations instead of frogging. So, here's the pictures:

This will be the baby doll side. 

This is the other doll side--skirt is done.

My friend told me that this was a "ying-yang doll." :)

Photoworks Shutting Down

I had forgotten that I had stored some photos on Photoworks. I had an email that I almost deleted as junk info-ing me that they were shutting down so I could transfer my photos over to Shutterfly for free and store for free there too. I thought that I would let y'all know about this in case you had some photos on Photoworks. Have a great week everyone!

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (28 March 2011)

Here's a cute baby bunting. You may have to be a member to access the pattern but it is a reliable, legitimate site (Bernat) so go ahead and register. Definitely a cute item for a baby.

Search Amazon.com for baby bunting patterns