28 January 2015

Santa Is a Minnesota Viking

I'm writing this way ahead of time because this hat is a gift for a a friend who is a great fan of the Minnesota Vikings. The 2 Santa hats I made for Christmas went over very well and I had a request for this one and one done in green and white for one of Santa's elves. So, having the delayed appearance of this on my blog is to keep my friend from seeing it before receiving it.

Here it is--

I had plenty of extra yarn so I made this scarf to go with the hat--

The colors aren't showing up on the scarf picture very well. The colors are a golden yellow color and dark purple.

I will be delivering this hat and scarf in person. By the time you read this, I will be inland of San Francisco visiting 2 of my friends. One is a friend since high school way back in the 1970s. We always have fun and lots of laughs even when we're just visiting over coffee.

Take care...

MN Viking merchandise