24 February 2016

My Dishcloth Obsession

You are probably aware that I have become obsessed with making dishcloths. They're easy projects that I can make in an evening as I watch a bit of television. Another reason I think I like making dishcloths is that I can use so many different colors because I can quickly make one and start another with completely different color scheme. I haven't posted pics for a little while so I have a pile to share with you today. The first 2 are more or less based on some I've made before but I can't remember what pattern I used.

No written pattern:

I made the above dishcloths by using an H hook and chaining 30. 1st row, 29 sc. 2nd row (and all even number rows) ch1, then alternate sc and dc across. 3rd row (and all odd number rows) ch1 and sc across the 29 stitches. Make it as long as you want and end with an odd number row (all sc).

Made from left-overs

The following dishcloths were made using the same Chrysanthemum pattern but omitting the last round because I was running low on yarn.



Dish towels to coordinate