30 November 2014

Rug/Mat for Nellie Belle

Used large amount of yarn left overs to make this. Nellie Belle now has a cozy spot on the linoleum floor. I spool knitted long length and then single crocheted this. I'm posting from my phone now and it's not a very friendly way to do a blog post So sorry if I've missed any "goofs". Tomorrow the Internet and cable will be hooked up!


24 November 2014

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Patterns (24 November 2014)

It's exactly 1 month until Christmas Eve and we hope to have our holiday decorating done long before then when we will have the last minute rush to wrap a few (hopefully only a few) presents. Item's made from today's patterns can be used as a special touch on wrapped gifts and your tree.

Take care everyone.


22 November 2014

Slippers for Men in 2 Sizes

Two more pairs of slippers finished. The first pair I had to write a new pattern based on the slipper pattern I very frequently use.

It's a bit hectic here. We're trying to get out the door Monday and head down to Florida before there's another snowy blast from Mother Nature. See you later here in blog land.

Take care everyone...


21 November 2014

Scarf for a Man

Here is a scarf for a man I made. It was easy as pie to crochet. I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn in camouflage and Caron pounder in a khaki color (not sure of the exact name of this one). Here's what I did--
  • You need 2 skeins of yarn and H hook
  • Chain 226
  • Row 1-26 sc in blo,225 stitches per row.
  • Change colors every other row.
  • Finish off 
This makes an easy-peasy scarf for a guy.

Hope everyone is on-track with their Christmas/holiday projects and staying warm too. We've only had 1 1/2 inches of snow but it has already melted. So far, we have delayed our trip down to Florida a couple times but we should hopefully be there in the near future.

Hugs to all,

17 November 2014

Monday's Link for Free Crochet Pattern (17 November 2014)

Today's patterns are for items that can be used to decorate your Christmas tree with a homespun look or for a special touch on gifts.

Merry hooking everyone!


14 November 2014

What to Do with Small Balls of Left-Over Yarn

I hate to throw away those little bits of yarn that seem to accumulate after working a few crochet projects. So, I have broken out my spool knitter--

and I am making long lengths of  cord, whatchacallit, or "fat yarn" (I have no idea of the correct name).

When the length of "fat yarn" becomes a bit unmanageable I take my S hook

and crochet things like this mat I'm making to put on the floor for Nellie Belle to nap on.

The long side of this mat is about 2 1/2 feet long. I'm planning to make it a square shape. If you do something like this, don't plan on it being a fast project just because you have lots of yarn scraps to use up. This takes a looooong time! I dismantled another rug thingie that I had previously made for my furry kids. I used too big of a hook and their nails kept getting caught in it so it had to go. Here's the blog post about the loose-weave mat --hard to believe it's been 5 years already.

There's my Nellie Belle and Opi. Sure do miss that little guy.

I frequently have CADD otherwise known as Crochet Attention Deficit Disorder so I go back and forth with this project, my current wip and scrappy grannies sometimes several times in an evening.

Sorry for the "ghosting" on some pictures. I don't know what does that.

Take care...

Amazon has Christmas sweaters for your pets.

13 November 2014

Pretty in Pink

I made some slippers out of partial skeins of yarn and knew that I didn't have enough to make another pair but I was able to squeeze out a hat with enough of the pink yarn left over to make a gumball size ball of yarn, WHEW, that was close! Here's the pics--

Stay warm my friends!


12 November 2014

Yarn Storage Update

You may remember when I posted pictures of the new closet hubby built for my yarn storage. This bedroom didn't have a closet after a previous renovation project so technically this room wasn't considered a bedroom until the closet was added. Anyway, I have quite a bit of my yarn loaded up in the new closet and I still don't have enough room for my stash. Here's a look at my restowed stash.
Yarn stowed in new double-door closet.

No room in the closet for this. I also have more stash in the old craft room.

We are swapping the old guest room and the craft room around. The room you are seeing is will be the new craft room. Probably won't be able to finish this until next spring when we get back from our winter roost.

Presently, things are a bit chaotic. Boxes need to be loaded in the truck as well as a small table and chairs. Futon for the guest room will have to wait until next year because we still have to renovate the guest room in our snowbird nest. Here's some of the stuff to take down South that is crowding my new, soon-to-be craftroom.

Stay warm my friends.


11 November 2014

Honoring Veterans and Finished Crochet Projects

Happy Veterans Day!!! There are a few of you who are veterans and I want to sincerely give you my thanks on this special day. For veterans, many restaurants are offering free meals or some free food items. Here is a link that has a big list.

Other stores have discounts for veterans and military family members. All you have to do is ask and show your military id or card from the V.A. as proof. The Home Depot and Lowes by our house always gives a 10% discount.

On to my crochet news.  I noticed that many younger people are wearing slouchy hats so I made one to give as a Christmas gift for a special young lady. I like the pattern of the scarf I made to go with it but I believe that I will modify the pattern the next time I make it and do it longer and slightly narrower. Another modification I might make is to use a larger hook to make the scarf less rigid and more flexible. I do like the opportunity to modify the "stripe" design in this one to use up odds and ends of left-over yarn. I used 3 colors to make the scarf and hat. My main color was a raspberry/burgundy-ish color. The other colors I used were a variegated that had hints of the maincolor and the 3rd color--purple. Here's the pics--

Close-up of scarf.

Close up of hat

With the left-over yarn from the hat and scarf, I made ANOTHER pair of slippers. 

And last item for today, is Santa's hat #2 for this year.

Son's church is fixing shoe boxes with small gifts to give to children in other countries. I filled a couple boxes and included some crocheted slippers and gave son a child's hat to put in his box. You get to choose the age and gender of the child you'd like to fix boxes for. I chose the older children because I figured it would be one of their last chances to receive one. So, if you have a surplus of small items in your gift drawer, maybe donating to a cause such as this will help spread the joy of the season and thin out your supply of gift items.

Have a great day and stay warm my friends.


10 November 2014

Win Christmas Crochet for Hearth, Home & Tree

I've been seeing a  lot of positive hype over Christmas Crochet for Hearth, Home & Tree. So many patterns look like they would be fun, easy and quick to make. If you visit this page on plus3crochet you can enter for your chance to win one. So lets go enter and maybe one of us will be lucky! If we don't win, then we can buy it here in print or for kindle.

Good luck!

Monday's Link for Free Crochet Pattern (10 November 2014)

Today, I'm posting a few patterns for little Christmas items.

Here's a pattern for a cute gingerbread house. This can be used in any number of decorative ways including on your Christmas tree or on gift packages.

* What's wintertime without a snowman? Here's a pattern for one you can enjoy even if you live in the tropics. What's nice about this one is that it doesn't melt and leave a mess if you use it in the house,

* Our last pattern this week is for another snowman sitting in some snow. This would look cute on a table or the fireplace mantle.

This is it for this week.

Happy crocheting..

04 November 2014

A Couple More Pairs of Slippers

Just a quick note to show some pictures of 2 more pairs of slippers.

Here's a pair for a lady:
And a pair for a man:
Pattern is here.

It's Election Day so remember to vote.

Take care everyone.

03 November 2014

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (03 November 2014)

It's that time of year again. Crafty folks are busy making gifts and decorations for the holidays. For the next few weeks, I'm going to be posting some links to free patterns of little decorative items that you can make as you watch your favorite shows in the evenings. One of today's pattern is for a cute Christmas stocking  that can be used on your Christmas tree or perhaps on a gift.

Another cute decorative item is this pattern for a Santa ornament. This too, can be used as an ornament on your tree or as a special touch on a gift.

Here's a cute stocking that can be used to stuff with a small gift or as a decoration on a larger Christmas package.

This is it for now folks.


Crochet patterns for Christmas

02 November 2014

Made Santa a Hat

This year Santa won't be freezing his ears off when he delivers toys because I made him a new hat. I just need to find the address to the North Pole so I know where to send it. This pattern worked up in one evening as I watched a couple Hallmark movies. I only have one gripe with the pattern though. I don't know why, but I really get peeved when patterns tell me to crochet something to a certain size instead of telling me how many rows/rounds to do. Other than that, I enjoyed this pattern. I used a pompom maker that looks like a tuning fork and my pompom didn't turn out quite so plush as the one in the pattern but I'm still happy with it. I'll stop jabbering now and show you the picture.

Hope everyone is staying warm,