12 August 2008

08-12-2008 1ST Day Back Subbing and Money Saving Tips from the Past

Today was my first day back subbing this year. Day started out on the wrong foot--I was 1 sub in a classroom that normally has 2 teachers and a teaching assistant. In the morning, it was just me! Everyone thought the other teacher was supposed to be there and I never did get the story about where the teaching assistant was. Anyway, that wasn't all that was going on or I should say wasn't going on. I didn't have class rosters, nor did I have lesson plans. One of the regular teachers ran around like crazy and got together some plans and BOOKS for the class so about 1/2 way into the first period we were on track! She was fantastic and deserves a bravo zulu for all the work she did so quickly. Anyway, I'm not mentioning specifics here because I don't want to step on toes if you know what I mean. The day was actually progressing very well and about 1/2 way through the day I did get a TA in the room--another great big help! Surprisingly, today ended up being a very good day at the school.

Something else I want to talk about today are a few of the little hints my mom used to pinch pennies. Some of these little tricks will work for us today. She did not buy little covered plastic dishes to put leftovers in; she utilized used jars from peanut butter, mayo, pickles and that sort of thing. She also wrapped our lunch sandwiches in waxed paper. Buy bags to throw out with the trash???? No siree...we lined our kitchen trash cans with grocery sacks and in those days the sacks were all made of paper. Sodas (or "pop") were a special treat maybe once a week. Usually our drink of choice (besides milk) was kool-aid or other similar powdered drink mix and she bought the unsweetened kind and added her own sugar because it was less expensive that way. She and my dad drank ice tea brewed from tea bags. I started thinking about these things when I was reading the "I remember when..." thread on crochetville.org http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=57673 . You may want to check it out and see what others have been reminiscing about.
Take care and have fun!