14 July 2015

Still Working on Lapghan...

I'm still working on this lapghan.

I have all the squares crocheted together and I'm enlarging it a bit by crocheting around the assembled squares. I have gotten a bit frustrated with this project. The squares were obtained by my mil at a thrift store or yard sale or someplace like that. All the squares have round of single crochet around them and a very small tail. I did my best to get a weave or 2 with the tails done but I'm not happy with it. I should have removed the rounds of single crochet. Anyway, I was almost finished and noticed a pretty bad case of the "ruffles" so I undid the rounds and redid with fewer increases at the corners (2dc, ch2, 2dc for 2 rounds and 1dc, ch2, 1dc for 1 round). This seems to be working out better. I want to do a few more rounds, then weave in the ends and launder before putting in with my donation stash.

I needed a break from this lapghan and made, what else, a pair of slippers! My stash of slippers for gifts had zeroed out so I need to start replenishing them. Here they are...

Guess this is it for now. Take care and keep on hooking!