07 August 2013

So Far, a "Slipperful" Week :)

I'm starting to get my crochet mojo back--YAY! I've finished 2 pairs of slippers this week and one was from a new (to me) pattern.

First, a pair of slippers from the pattern that I have made more times than I can shake a stick at.


The other pair of slippers is named "Tennis Socks" from the book Big Foot Boutique (Annie's Attic). I enjoyed making slippers from this pattern and I will definitely be making more. I did not put the embellishments on these because I think they look fine as they are and I had the "itch" to move on to another project lol!


I started another spiderman baby blanket last night.  I already have another project on the short list--a minion hat. I don't even know what a minion thing is but, I have been noticing a lot of cartoons and some crochet projects about minions.

Gotta go. I put a link below here for the book the slipper pattern came from. There's also a pattern for a cute pair of cowboy slippers--best of all, the patterns in this book are sized for kids and adults!