26 November 2010

Here's a Glimpse at Our Thanksgiving

We have a small family. Just dh, mil, the 2 grown sons (one married) and me. The 2 sons and our dil worked on Thanksgiving--they work retail jobs. So with it just being dh, his mom and me, mil decided we should go to Churchill Downs for the buffet and races.

The temperatures were chilly yesterday but not as cold as we had been anticipating. I felt so sorry for the poor horses running in mud and ankle-deep water on the track. They were supposed to race in the turf but because of the track conditions they ran in the mud or as they say at the track "sloppy track."

Here's some pictures. Sorry that the quality isn't too great but it was a rainy, dreary day.

A row of these jockies greeted visitors

We dined at a nice buffet on Millionaire Row 

DH at our table (in the striped sweater). We were seated at a table with people we didn't know when we first got there. That seemed strange to me but we chatted during the day and they were nice people.

Time to place your bets! 

Getting a little libation! 

And here's the gang: Philip, Ray, Me and MIL standing

Horribly wet track! 

Hoof-pocked track. 

Told DH that we needed to bet on this horse because he worked in the ship's engine room when he was in the navy. He told me I couldn't bet on it because he was going to and lo and behold Engine Room won!

It was a nice time at the track but I don't think I'd like to do this again on a holiday. Maybe I'll sweet-talk DH into a nice dinner at a restaurant and then home for some pie later on. It seemed kind of "cheesy" to be gambling on horses on a holiday. Sorry, folks from Kentucky--I'm just a darned yankee unwillingly transplanted here lol! 

"Decorating" Blog for the Holidays

I'm in the process of decorating here for Christmas. I have Christmas carols playing and hope to have a Christmasy background and header soon. The music is on auto as a result of readers response to the question I asked if it should be in auto or manual mode. Only 1 person responded and so you will hear music when you stop in. If you don't care to hear music, then scroll down the column on your right and you will be able to turn off the player. 

WIP for My Grand "Fur" Babies

My son Justin asked me to crochet a fitted cover for the kennel/crate/thingamajig that his 2 Cocker Spaniel kids sleep in. This is taking me a while. I don't know why but maybe because I'm sneaking in little projects to work on and maybe because I'm concerned that after all the time and yarn going into it I might GOOF it up! Anyway, I'm making it out of double strands of ww yarn. 1 strand is black and the other is magic ball. For those of you unaware of what "magic ball" yarn is, it is "left-overs" rolled up into a ball. This helps to minimize waste and also makes a unique, one of a kind item. Here's some of the wip pictures I took the other day.

The panels are just sc. I'm then crocheting around them (with dc) to make them "fit" the sides. Actually, I'm making them about 2" larger than the sides so that it will easily go on the crate after I finish sewing the panels together.  The panel on the door side, I will just sew at the top and have that side as a flap that can be tucked under the top if it needs to be gotten out of the way. The piece on the bottom, inside of the crate is a throw that my chis have used for several years. I just tossed it in the kennel when my son brought it over because the Cocker Kids were distraught about their kennel being temporarily relocated.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping in. Hugs...

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