22 July 2012

Quick Crochet Fix and Some Questions Answered.

It's time for a quick project to get a swift sense of accomplishment after working on a few larger projects. I'm making a pair of crochet baby booties. I've already used this pattern and had good luck with it. The post I made about it last year is here. I was recently asked a few questions about it so I decided to post what I hope are good answers to some questions as I make another pair. The pattern is copyrighted so I can't post it here in it's entirety (drat) so I hope I'm not causing more confusion. :)

For this pair, I'm using some old Caron Dazzleaire yarn out of my stash of partial skeins.

Question referring to the start of the ribbed cuff after making the main portion of the bootie: "...it starts with a foundation chain of 9 chs. But what purpose does it serve? Where is it attached, if at all? It doesn't say. Until now it's like a single tail that just hangs there.

Here's where I've finished row 8 of the upper foot (do not fasten off unless you want the cuff a different color):

After finishing the upper foot, you will have your choice of the plain cuff or the ribbed cuff. I am doing the ribbed cuff.

Starting the ribbed cuff for 1 color bootie:

Starting the ribbed cuff for 2 colors:
  • Join 2nd color at the center back
  • Ch 9

From now on, I'm just going to show the white bootie because it is the same for both pairs.

"why don't Rows 2 and 3 of the cuff go all the way around? I have 20 sts all around, but it says to just sc in 8 sts then turn, sc in 8 sts then turn etc. When/how do I get to the other side?"

There is some confusion in how this pattern is written. Since you are slip stitching into the main part of the bootie at the end of every other row, you should be at the other side after finishing 20 rows.

You'll be working the 7 single crochets in this chain that is attached to the main part of the bootie. 

Then you will slip stitch into the next 2 dc that are in the last row of the main part of the bootie.

Next you will turn, and (in the back loops) 8 sc aross the single crochets you just made in the chains

Look at the pattern and you will see that you will work in a similar pattern until the end (I had 20 rows).

Here's a picture of mine up to this point:

Last question: The last sentence says to "Sew last row of Ribbed Cuff to opposite side of foundation ch." But which side is the opposite? Until now, the foundation ch has 2 sides because it remains unattached!

The foundation row is the one the crochet hook is pointing toward.

Stay tuned for finished booties...

Pattern info is: "Winner's Circle: Easy Baby Booties."Crochet World, June 2010: 6-7.

Finished Baby Bright Baby Blanket

I finished making what I'm calling "Baby Bright Baby Blanket." I was originally going to go around with another set of squares but this one turned out to be a nice size for a baby.

I used some DK yarn from my stash and some baby yarns that I bought to make this. I need to do a quick wash on delicate and a light blocking and it will be done 100%.

I used 3 styles of squares--traditional granny squares, closed/solid granny squares and one style that is a combination of both that you can see in the center.

It's pretty nice here but we're in for a heat wave next week again. I've been canning and freezing some foods lately. The other day the big pot of tomato sauce cooked down and yielded 3 pints and 3 quarts so a total of a gallon and a quart. The quart sized containers are a nice size to make spaghetti for dh and me.

Today I have some broccoli to freeze. Tonight I'll be working on 2 projects--a pair of baby booties and weaving the ends in on an afghan I made.

Hope y'all are having a nice weekend and later gator!

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