31 October 2009

Ma & Pa Kettle Do Math

Do you need a laugh?  Watch the following video clip of Ma and Pa Kettle working math problems; it had me laughing.  Sometimes it is good to find some silliness to laugh about, and this should do it.  I hope you enjoy this too.  Hugs....

30 October 2009

Dishcloth Crocheted from Left-Overs

Hi everyone.  This is a dishcloth I made a while back but didn't post a picture of.  It's really made out of some left-over cotton yarn from another project and some white (cotton) I had.  Not too bad of an idea for a dishcloth.  It is one that I am keeping to use in my own kitchen.  I made a chain the length I wanted the width of the cloth to be.  The 1st and last rows were sc and the rows in the middle were dc.  One row of sc with white was made around  the circumference. In this example, I made an equal number of rows for each color.  I hope you enjoy.  Hugs...

29 October 2009

Finally Home

I was recently pretty sick and went to the emergency room dark and early Monday morning.  Today (Thursday), around 5PM I was finally discharged from the hospital.  I just wanted to say "Thank You" to my wonderful family and friends.  You kept the phone wires burning to cheer me; or you who were close came to visit.  You all kept my spirits up and really shortened my stay in the hospital with  the prayers you made on my behalf.  I love you all.... Sharon

24 October 2009

Gift Cards and Christmas

My thought for the day is about gift cards. For birthdays and Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day I think cards are a great idea. Christmas is a whole different ball game.  I picture all of us trading gift cards like they were baseball cards-- "I'll trade you a Wal-mart card for a Kohl's card." Do you see what I'm talking about? Kids who don't necessarily buy Christmas gifts are an exception to my theory. It would be fun to give a child a gift card for a present with a promise to take them out to eat and on a shopping excursion so they can get what they want. I've been considering doing that for my ggranddaughter this year. That will be one day that her mom gets a break and the young'un has a special day. Oh, I did think of another exception and that is what my ds and his wife did for Christmas last year. They bought me a Barnes and Nobles gift card that I could either use for merchandise or to get their discount card. I opted for the discount card because I am a voracious reader and also continuously on the lookout for crochet books. What do y'all think? Write me and let me know.

Amazon Gift Cards

20 October 2009

My Closet Remodel Is Complete

On the 11th of October I posted some before pictures of my sad closet. The wire shelves were falling down and it was awful! My very talented younger son Justin designed and built the new cabinetry. He is a talented guy as you can see. Here is a video I put together showing how it progressed. I am so proud of my talented son. Ray and our good friend Phillip "supervised" and lent an extra hand when required; Justin did the bulk of the work. The little girl on one of the slides is my ggranddaughter. She is helping me make homemade beef-vegetable-barley soup and corn muffins for supper that night. Oh yeah, I should probably let you know that if my music player starts, you can scroll down the right column and mute it. Hugs...

18 October 2009

Vintage Crochet Patterns for You!

Here are some vintage crochet patterns that you may want to use or just peruse for enjoyment. I love looking at them; I just don't know if I'd care to make them. I enjoy them for the historical look at women and their crafts. I hope you enjoy...

16 October 2009

Highlander, Full Episodes

I've been watching Highlander on www.hulu.com. I never got into this show when it first aired, but now I'm addicted to it. I put this widget here so that if any of you are interested you can watch it too.

More Highlander

12 October 2009

Compound Possessive Nouns

There have been times that I have been confused about how to use the possessive forms of nouns when I have a compound possessive-noun situation. Do I make both nouns have the apostrophe "s" ('s) on the end or just the 2nd noun? I decided that I would check it out. Read below for more information.

Compound Possessives

When you are showing possession with compounded nouns, the apostrophe's placement depends on whether the nouns are acting separately or together.

* Miguel's and Cecilia's new cars are in the parking lot.
This means that each of them has at least one new car and that their ownership is a separate matter.
* Miguel and Cecilia's new cars are in the parking lot.
This construction tells us that Miguel and Cecilia share ownership of these cars. The possessive (indicated by 's) belongs to the entire phrase, not just to Cecilia.

Another example:

* Lewis and Clark's expectations were very much the same.
This construction tells us that the two gentlemen held one set of expectations in common.
* Lewis's and Clark's expectations were altogether different.
This means that the expectations of the two men were different (rather obvious from what the sentence says, too). We signify separate ownership by writing both of the compounded proper nouns in the possessive form.

When one of the possessors in a compound possessive is a personal pronoun, we have to put both possessors in the possessive form or we end up with something silly: "Bill and my car had to be towed last night."

* Bill's and my car had to be towed last night.
* Giorgio's and her father was not around much during their childhood.

If this second sentence seems unsatisfactory, you might have to do some rewriting so you end up talking about their father, instead, or revert to using both names: "Giorgio and Isabel's father wasn't around much . . . ." (and then "Giorgio" will lose the apostrophe +s).

For more information please see this site. This is the site I used as a reference for this posting

More Grammar Help

11 October 2009

Been Busy Lately

Life has been a bit hectic lately. This past week school has been on fall break so I haven't subbed any. I had to clear out my big walk-in closet (6' x 18') because my very talented younger son has been constructing build-in storage for me. YIPPEE, no more wire shelves that fall down! I will post pictures for you when it is finished. The construction is done except for the installation of 2 hanging bars. Justin designed it and did most of the construction himself with a little assistance from dh and a good friend of ours who has done finish carpentry in the Hamptons prior to relocating to KY. The pictures are before images. You can see in the one picture where the one wire shelf had fallen down. I had so much junk in the closet but was only able to "give up" one large boxful of "treasures." Sigh....I am such a hoarder.

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