29 November 2011

Two on Tuesdays 29 November 2011

Two things that make me happy:

Reading on my Kindle.


Crocheting love into gifts for family and friends.

28 November 2011

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (28 November 2011)

Crocheted dishcloths seem to be a favorite of many people. Here's a pattern for 3 designs. They make a great last minute gift for Christmas too.

20 November 2011

Took a Break from the Afghan I'm Making

I had to take a break on the afghan I'm making. I needed a color change and I wasn't getting that on a single color afghan. I decided to make a hat for a quick change of pace.

The pattern is here if anyone is interested in. I didn't intentionally use the same color as is in the pattern. I do think mine came out pretty close to the modeled one.

Here's the picture of mine:

This is the 3rd time I've used this pattern. I tend to get "stuck" on a pattern and make it a few times before I move on to something else. I have made at least a thousand round ripples (ok, maybe not quite that many), granny squares afghans, slippers and now wave ripple afghans. I think it's time to move on to a different pattern for a few projects.

19 November 2011

Wave 'Ghan for Son and DIL

My DIL requested an afghan made out of one color for Christmas this year. So here's a look at the one I'm making for them:

My DIL wanted it to be one color, and it needed to match another afghan I've made for them. I'm sorry the picture is kind of blurry; I had a really cheap camera at the time and was pretty new to digital when  I took this picture.

Guess I better get busy with it. Thanks for stopping in.

ps--They never read my blog so they won't see the picture of it.

17 November 2011

VA Disability

Here's my boys and me a looooong time ago!

I finally did it. I had an appointment at the VA hospital to increase my disability rating. I've been listening to my one VA doctor for several years encourage me to do it but I just didn't have the energy to do it. My one condition is currently rated at 10 % but I have all the symptoms plus more than what the 60% rating is. The VA disability system seems to be similar to what I've heard about the Social Security Disability Program--deny, deny, deny and then after an appeal or 2 you get it. How frustrating and I think they like people like me who throw in the towel after the 1st time and don't appeal such as I've done in the past. This time I'm going for it.

15 November 2011

Two on Tuesdays

I saw on Debi's blog that she is going to post 2 things that make her happy. I thought that was such a great idea and I'm going to copy her idea too. Here are 2 things that make me happy:

My chihuahuas-- Nellie Belle and Opi

The 2nd thing that makes me happy is chocolate (imagine that)!

14 November 2011

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (14 November 2011)

I love, love, love crocheted slippers. Here's an interesting pattern for some. These might make a nice Christmas gift for someone on your list. Thanks for visiting!

11 November 2011

Started Slipper Marathon 2011~

Every year, I crochet many pairs of these slippers to give out at Christmas time. Here are the first ones I finished making for this Christmas:

This pair is for a man

This is going with the Serene Seas Afghan I recently finished.

If you're interested, here's a link for the pattern.

Happy Crocheting....

07 November 2011

Serene Seas Afghan

Afghan is totally done! A quick wash and a trip to the post office to send it to a special person as a surprise. I used this pattern. The pattern is quick and easy and by varying colors and width of "stripes" you have many, many looks to choose from. Thanks for stopping in and looking. I'm off to the dentist in 5 minutes. Y'all have a nice day.

This picture shows the colors pretty much as they are.

06 November 2011

Finally, I'm here...

I'm sorry that I haven't been visiting many of your blogs lately. I still feel kind of under the weather although all my medical tests are coming out normal. Insomnia and horrible dreams when I do sleep wake me up several times a night. Tomorrow, I'm having my root canal finished and then I have to make an appointment to have a permanent filling put in. Anyway, that's enough of the not so nice news and on to something better.

We harvested our potatoes. Didn't get many I think because I had used some of the small, gourmet potatoes that had eyes on them to plant. Hubby didn't want to pile our tires higher and fill them in with more dirt; so........... we had a small harvest of small potatoes. I plan on steaming some of them one day next week as a side dish with supper.  Below is a picture of our small harvest and no, the darker ones are not souvenirs from Opi and Nellie Belle! The "meat" of the darker ones is actually a beautiful purple color. If you're wondering what tires have to do with potatoes, we plant potatoes in tires and stack additional ones on top as the plants grow and add more soil.

On to crocheting : I'm weaving the ends in on the latest afghan I'm working on. I'm only going to show you the colors and not post a picture until it is totally finished. I'm going to call it "Serene Seas."

Hope everyone is doing well and are staying warm....