29 November 2016

Slipper Mountain

My stockpile of slippers has been depleted so I have been busy making some for Christmas gifts. Here's my little mountain of them.

Closer look--

We're leaving for Florida late this year and I am freezing even though our temps have only dipped into the freezing zone a few times. My toes are like icicles and that's probably because I have Hashimoto's thyroid condition that has a symptom of cold feet; slippers come in handy.

Sending you all happy thoughts for a wonderful holiday season.

Stay warm!


20 November 2016

A "Batch" of Completed Projects--

I have had these projects finished for a couple weeks and have just  now gotten around to taking pictures and posting them. These are for a special person and I don't care if this person reads about them before receiving or not because this person deserves a smile on their face and I hope the anticipation of receiving these things will bring one on. This person has always been special to me and I don't know how to emphasize it enough so I decided to crochet some things. Crocheters know, that when you work on projects for your loved ones, you are infused with love and good thoughts and wishes for that person. I definitely wouldn't spend my evenings for several weeks working on something for someone I didn't care for. Okay, enough rambling on. Here's the pictures and pattern links.

0-980 Carmel by DROPS Design:

Scarf for man made with granite stitch: This yarn isn't quite right for color pooling but the design is unique and I like it.

The yarn I used for these projects (except for slippers) is I Love This Yarn in "Camo" and "Dark Olive."  For the slippers I used 1 strand of the camo and 1 strand of "Lace" by Caron One Pounder. This is all for now. I still have more finished projects to post but I will save those for later.

Bless all,


16 November 2016

Happy Birthday Mom...

Gone but not forgotten. Loved for all eternity. Happy birthday Mom.
JoAnn (nee Jungles) French
16 Nov 1936 - 14 Dec 1969

Off the Hook--

 Getting ready for the cold and the holidays at our house. Here are some slippers to keep someone's toes toasty warm, a cute toddler Santa hat and a hat to keep a gentleman's ears warm. Patterns were all free and under each picture is a link to the applicable pattern.

I have several other finished projects done but I am saving them for another day. 



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11 November 2016

Patriotic Color Lapghan for Donation

Just finished another lapghan for donation. I have been making these to donate to a veterans home that will be opening here. The opening has been delayed numerous times and I am hoping that it will be opening soon; the latest date is sometime next month. This lapghan is made mostly from odds and ends except for the blue and some of the white. I did not use a pattern, just winged it. Here it is--

I hope this veterans home opens soon so that I can donate the collection of lapghans I have and the veterans can have the benefit of them this winter.

To all the veterans and their family, thank you for your selfless service.

07 November 2016

Monday's Link to Free Crochet Pattern (07 November 2015)

picture courtesy of http://www.lovecrochet.com/us/?country=US 

Some of us like to go overboard with holiday decorations and some of us like to keep it fairly simple. Here's a pattern for a Christmas wreath that would be great no matter what your holiday decorating style. Great news, there is still time to make one for this holiday season.

Whatever your projects are, have fun making them.

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01 November 2016

A Couple Hats for Gentlemen

Love this pattern, it is easy to make and quick too. The only thing I'm not too fond of is that the stripes are a bit wonky where the rounds start but I guess it's okay if one considers the jog in the stripe to be the back. Here they are--

The pattern is found here

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. See y'all later.


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