20 March 2013

WIP Wednesday--20 March 2013

I'm sloooowly turning out the granny squares for the afghan I'm making for an old high school chum with disabilities. I make the squares in batches of 5 because it makes me feel like I've accomplished something when I finish a batch. I know, sometimes I can be goofy.  Here's the "batch" I'm working on now.

Not much going on today. The mil came over for coffee and after she left, I went to the commissary on post to get some dog food and milk. I came home with over $200 of groceries. I should of had lunch before I left the house because I was hungry and started feeling starved as soon as I walked in the commissary's front door. I rarely go anywhere so I was surprised when I was driving back home to notice my gas light was on. Usually, I only put $20 in the tank at a time and it lasts me a month because I'm a hermit and don't go too many places. I filled my tank and I had to reminisce about the first new car I had. It was a 1980 Dodge Colt and it used to take $12 to fill it from dry to full. Those were the days of gas shortages too. Today it took $49 to fill from bone dry to topped off. I really miss those old days sometimes. 

Take care everyone and thanks for visiting...