08 February 2012

Finished a Pair of Slippers from a Different Pattern

I love to make slippers because I have cold feet and also because they seem to go over well as gifts. I thought I'd try a different pattern for a change. The pattern I got is from this book:

These slippers are real stash busters so that's a plus. I think they're cute too. What I don't like is that there are so many ends to weave in and sewing to do. Check out the pictures of mine:

I may make these again, but they won't replace my favorite pattern for slippers. I'll be saving these for the summer and warmer weather. My favorite pattern uses double strands of worsted weight yarn and they're great for winter wear.

Hope everyone's having a nice week. Take care...

Finally Got a Pinterest Account and Look What I Found!

When you think you've seen it all; would a real classy lady wear this to church?!--lol!

Source: etsy.com via Cyndi on Pinterest
I recently became a member of Pinterest after finding out the quickest way to do it was to log in with a facebook account. I had been waiting for a couple months trying to sign up at their site. Now, I can see why some folks say the site is addictive because it IS! I mean no disrespect to the designer/seller of these earrings, they just tickled my funny bone and I wanted to share a bit of humor with you. Enjoy!