23 March 2011

Look at this Crazy Weather--

It's been windy outside today and then suddenly there is this pinging noise. I looked outside and it's hailing like crazy! Here's a few pics:

I Decided on a Crochet Project

After hemming and hawing and going through patterns online, patterns on my computer and patterns in my stash, I finally decided on a project. I did decided to go ahead with the Topsy Turvy Doll from Gourmet Crochet. I dug up some odds and ends of left-over yarns to use so this is a small stash buster project. I did decided to use a smaller hook (E) for the doll because 1--I'm a loose crocheter and 2--I want to be sure I don't run out of one of my yarns in the middle of the project. I'm pretty sure that I have enough except the variegated that I'm going to use on the dress. Fingers are crossed.  I only finished one of the doll's heads. So, this is my work-in-progress aka WIP for Wednesday. If you click on the button at the bottom under the picture you can see what some others are up to.