19 February 2016

Working on Our Snowbird Master Bathroom

I thought that I might share some pictures with you of the bathroom remodel that the husband is doing. This place may have been "cheap" to purchase but the remodels that we have undertaken are more than we thought we'd have to do and this is after we paid a home inspector! Anyway, here we are at the beginning stages after clearing out for the work to commence.

This tub is dangerous. Stepping in or out of it is a fall hazard. It is also worn out and has cracks in it.

OOPS, forgot to take hamper out and I didn't want you to see our undies.

There is a hole in the wall that hubby had covered with tape because he was afraid a critter might get inside and BITE us! The hole is at the correct level and size for a madman sitting on the john to do a sideways punch and damage the wall.

As you can see, there was no trim at the top of the shower walls.

Blue trim in shower was painted with regular wall paint. It has gradually been washing off.

Ugly light fixture that will be replaced with an exhaust fan and light combo.

Ugly light and mirror. Both will be replaced.

Bathtub shower combo has been removed. Look at the acorns that were under the tub!

Wall that was damaged by a roof leak. I knew there was a problem when I cleaned the shower walls and there was quite a bit of "give" when any amount of scrubbing power was used. Glad we replaced the roof.

Another look at the wall that was damaged by the leaking roof.

And yet another look at the damaged wall. You are seeing into the master bedroom.

Here's a closeup of the acorns that a critter deposited under the tub.

Here is a look at the hole in the wall that was next to the toilet.

Looking from the bedroom into the damaged wall into the shower.

View of wall in master bedroom that needs repair

Tub and vanity ready for disposal.

Looking at shower area. Flooring will all be replaced.

Spot for the new toilet

I think we have just about everything to do the job except for the drywall and new toilet. I went today and did the shopping for new faucets, some fasteners and towel bars. We have a nice vanity that we bought 2nd hand last year and it has been sitting in the living room since then--how crazy is that? It is about 60" long and has much more storage room than the old one. Stay tuned for more pictures to watch the progress as this scuzzy space becomes a pretty and practical bathroom.

Take care everyone!