19 January 2011

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What's Going on in My Crochet World?

I'm working on a granny ripple afghan. My other projects have been put on hold because there is a time limit on this one--I plan to give it to a dear aunt and uncle. They don't know about it so shhh if you know them. ; ) I'm enjoying the use of neutral colors. I never thought I'd say that! I had gotten so used to white walls when we moved around in the military that I have gone crazy with color when we finally settled in our own home. My big mistake was when I picked a color for our bedroom that I thought resembled terracotta but it ended up looking like we were living inside a CARROT! That lasted a few years and I now have a soft-blue colored bedroom that is perfect. Anyway, I'm jabbering on here about carrots and colors and what I really wanted to do is show you how far I've gotten on this project. Sometimes I take part in the WIP Wednesday over at Every Day Crochet but I don't think she's doing it this week. Oh, and finally, here's the picture:

Affordable Health Care Act

Is anyone interested in the almost 1000 page Affordable Health Care Act? It's rather lengthy and full of political double talk but it is available for you to read and lookup answers to your questions. I would really appreciate knowing what it entails but I just don't have the wherewithal to read the entire thing! Anyway, I thought it was important to know where it is.