23 May 2012

Your Chance to Get Some Yarn

Go to this page on AllFreeCrochet for your chance to win Stitch.Rock.Love yarn. There are a few options to get extra entries such as blogging about it like I'm doing. Good luck, I hope someone I know wins yay!

WIP Wednesday (23 May 2012) & Other Stuff

Working on my latest project, I have decided that I am a sloooow crocheter. I really have put several hours into this most days for about a week. OK, the truth be known, I am slow and easily distracted. I did start weaving some ends in after changing colors to save the procrastination at the the end. Anyway, I'm in love with the colors. If you've seen a previous post on this, you know that my cousin is expecting twins and I'm gambling on at least one being a girl. I still haven't heard if girls, boys or one of each will be joining the family but I know they will be loved. Now, here's the progress.

Yesterday, I posted a link to this article on a crochet group. I didn't make comments or evaluate it and no one had problems with me. What happened is some folks started bashing lawyers, talking about SEX, and acting like tattling little children "I'm going to tell Mr. X (the group administrator)." Needless to say, the whole, entire benefit of the article was lost because it was pulled from the group. I find people like these difficult to deal with. I enjoy sharing ideas and information with others but I find it hard to socialize face-to-face. Anyway, what made me irked is after being away from the computer for several hours, I saw all the bashing going on and as I was posting a comment that went something like "chill ladies" the entire posting went poof. So, what we are saying is that if you don't like what something says, write trash comments and then it will be pulled and others who may have benefited from the link don't matter--only your childish brattiness does. The group administrator was yanked out of his bed by a whiner and that's when he pulled the post. Some group members said the caller googled him and that's how his home phone number was obtained. I don't know if that is fact or speculation.  What I do know is that a little maturity wouldn't be remiss here. I'm climbing off my soap box now.

We're having beautiful weather here--in the 70s, warm and sunny. This weekend our weather is supposed to get in the 90s and that will be nice because our swimming pool is set up and the water will be warming up in the sun for this holiday weekend. Anyone have any big plans? I do believe we'll be in the pool and cooking out. 

Hugs to all you wonderful people....