30 November 2010

WIP Wednesday for 01 December 2010

It's almost Wednesday so I'll post my wips a little early. :)

Here are the two projects that I played around with on Tuesday. The first is a Tulip Stitch Dishcloth. I ended up finishing the dishcloth after I took the photo of it as a WIP. It's going to be part of some sort of kitchen set so I'll show the finished version after I finish  whatever I decide to put with it.

The other thing that I was working on Tuesday, was a Christmas decoration from Drops Design. I really like this and I think I'll make a few more and use them as decoration on gifts and then the recipients can hang on their own tree if they want to. A few ends to weave in and this one will be done.


  1. Love the colors in the dishcloth. I've got a few more to work up myself and get listedon Etsy.

  2. Thanks. Hope you're doing well with Etsy.

  3. Hi Sharon,
    I like the dishcloth, will be fun to see the set. Your little ornament is really cute. Did you like working with the metallic thread? I didn't really, it seemed to twist a lot. I like the look though so suffered through the twisting! Happy Wednesday.

  4. Your dishcloth is so pretty with the colors of the yarn, thanks so much for sharing :o)

  5. Thank you! Lynn, I got the idea of the dishcloth from you :)


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