21 November 2010

Away From the Controversial and Back to Crochet Stuff:

Today's post is back to the comfortable subject of crochet. My mil was a kind and generous lady yesterday and brought me some crochet goodies from a thrift-type store. She found a bunch of granny squares that someone had started making. The squares came with extra yarn and 2 hooks--one still in the package. I feel pretty excited that she found these goodies for me because yarn and crochet items are very hard to find around here at thrift stores. Thank you Hannelore!!! Anyway, I have a gazillion things in the works and NOTHING is getting done! I have to get my act together because Christmas is on the way pretty darn quick. I start crocheting something then I see something else I want to make and I start new projects without finishing old. OK, here's the plan: Finish the super-sized granny square throw and make a few pairs of slippers; dishcloths are ok to work on but only as a "purse project" when I'm stuck waiting somewhere. That's the plan and I'm sticking to it (maybe).

I almost forgot--I have to finish the crate cover for my son and daughter-in-law's 2 fur babies! I'm just out of crochet-control!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend...


  1. Those are pretty. I still can't help but wonder why the person who gave them up did. I'd hate to think they had to give up crocheting, or something. Oh well, at least you scored!!! Wooo hoo0.
    I love the colors. I too went to a thrift shop and saw a lot of neat stuff that could be recycled into something else, but most of what I found was so artistically beautiful I could not bring myself to take them apart. I saw the most beautiful Tunic, and it looked way vintage, I was getting those saucer eyes like a cat does when they are hungry for some food, lol. Yarn is so expensive these days. I find that when I want new yarn I have to use 50% off coupons and settle for synthetics most times, and really want some natural fiber. Caron once sent me the Bamboo one for free in the color sunshine. I had a blast with it. Hugs

  2. I love the colors too. I know what you mean Piper. I'm a synthetic yarn person because of the cost too. I've heard of people who recycle yarn from sweaters and I've thought about doing it but haven't yet. Have you tried it? I have all the squares made for another throw so I need to get busy and finish my Christmas projects so I can get those throws finished. I try to use the coupons too for my yarn purchases or look for the sale yarn.

  3. I have not yet to recycle fabric this way, but have thought about it. I have recycled plastic this way, also called plarn. I like working with that when I can't afford real yarn, it is so cool what you can make with plarn.

  4. Oh wow I am definitely jealous of your find and so happy for you too. Those items are really hard to find in the thrift stores like you said. Cant wait to see what you do with them :o)

  5. I need to get busy with my crocheting. My crocheting hasn't taken off for the holidays like it should. I've been working on a fitted cover for my grand fur babies' kennel and I've been kind of on edge about it fitting right. I need to knock it out and get back on track.


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