16 November 2010

Birthday Greetings...

If my mom, JoAnn Jungles French, would still be with us, today would have been her 74th birthday. She passed at the age of 33 from a stroke. She is still missed by my brother and me. Angel food cake is being served :). Love you mom...

mom in wedding finery


  1. I know we have said this before but Im so sorry you lost your mom that young. Mine was 28 when she passed, Hugs you and hopes your day was good in remembrance of your mom :o)

    I think of my mom everyday and always wonder what might have been.

  2. Thanks Lynn. I too wonder what might have been. Your mom was extremely young. I just want to remember her and who knows, maybe I'll meet some people who knew her by posting here.

  3. Wow, I am totally in tears now. I am sorry for the loss for everyone who has lost their Mom's. The pain from the loss of loved ones is never fully mourned. I will pray for blessings to come your way and send Reiki. Beautiful photo of your Mom. I can see that you look like her too.


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