26 November 2010

WIP for My Grand "Fur" Babies

My son Justin asked me to crochet a fitted cover for the kennel/crate/thingamajig that his 2 Cocker Spaniel kids sleep in. This is taking me a while. I don't know why but maybe because I'm sneaking in little projects to work on and maybe because I'm concerned that after all the time and yarn going into it I might GOOF it up! Anyway, I'm making it out of double strands of ww yarn. 1 strand is black and the other is magic ball. For those of you unaware of what "magic ball" yarn is, it is "left-overs" rolled up into a ball. This helps to minimize waste and also makes a unique, one of a kind item. Here's some of the wip pictures I took the other day.

The panels are just sc. I'm then crocheting around them (with dc) to make them "fit" the sides. Actually, I'm making them about 2" larger than the sides so that it will easily go on the crate after I finish sewing the panels together.  The panel on the door side, I will just sew at the top and have that side as a flap that can be tucked under the top if it needs to be gotten out of the way. The piece on the bottom, inside of the crate is a throw that my chis have used for several years. I just tossed it in the kennel when my son brought it over because the Cocker Kids were distraught about their kennel being temporarily relocated.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping in. Hugs...

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  1. Wow now that is really neat and how nice of you to make that I love it what a wonderful idea! HUGS


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