23 November 2010

Coasters and Dishcloth

I finished this dishcloth some time ago but never posted a picture of it. It's just a granny square with a shell edging. I'm going to have to compare this kind with one made with a smaller hook and decide which is better.

I finished up this set of coasters this morning too. I just "winged" 'em. These are in my gift drawer anticipating being given to I'm not sure who. I make small things like these and put them in the drawer with several recipients in mind and at the last minute decide who is getting what. I'm kind of silly that way lol! Thanks for stopping in and visiting. Hugs...

ps-- After Thanksgiving I will be putting a music player on this blog with Christmas carols on it. Should I have it operate manually or start automatically when someone visits my blog? My current music player operates manually. Let me know what you think and the majority wins. Thanks, Sharon


  1. Normally I would prefer a manual music player, but it's Christmas music! I would welcome the autoplay.

    I love those coasters and I'm not a coaster person...any chance you could share the pattern?

  2. I will try to write up a pattern for the coasters this weekend.


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