18 November 2010

And We Were Off to the Veterinarian's Clinic Again

My 2 chis, Opi and Nellie Belle have problems with allergies. Nellie was scratching quite a bit and Opi was too but he really tore his skin up. The vet checked for fleas because that's a common cause for skin allergies but neither of them have fleas. Both little ones ended up getting steroid shots and Opi is on antibiotics too. Here's a picture of them ready to go to the vet's.

Don't they look like they're saying, "Please don't take us for shots Mommy. We'll be good"?


  1. Oi querida
    Que lindos cachorrinhos!!!!!
    Beijos ^_^

  2. They look so shweet and adorable. I just want to hold them and give hugs!! I love animals so much, that to say I love animals so much is just an understatement almost. Blessings to you. Your babies are cutie pies.

  3. Oh my goodness, I could look at those babies all day. They are just so cute in their little sweaters sitting there patiently beside you while riding down the highway I just want to kiss them both so bad LOL Thanks for sharing the pictures, I hope the doc appt went well for both.

  4. Appointment went well. Every 2 or 3 months we make the trip. We do stop at the pet store afterwards for a "treat." :)


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