26 November 2012

Opi and Nellie Belle Need Christmas Outfits

Nellie Belle Christmas 2011

I was looking around for something to crochet for my 2 chihuahua babies for Christmas. I'm going to share some of these patterns with you because I know a few of you have little dogs too.

There are many more patterns out there just google away and you may find the perfect pattern for your furbaby.

My little ones always get Christmas presents. They're pretty darned spoiled. Most of my Christmas crocheting for the humans is done so it's time to find something to make for Nellie Belle and Opi.


  1. I love this! Too bad I can't crochet so my Chihuahuas could have some warm sweaters.

  2. Nellie Belle looks so cute in her Christmas outfit. I think I might try to make a Christmas hat or collar for my dogs. :)


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