14 November 2012

It's a Scarf!

I finally made something besides slippers. I made this beautiful scarf from Annie's Attic Quick & Easy Scarves. The name of the pattern is Pineapples designed by Elizabeth Ann White.The pattern called for a light weight yarn (3), but I used Lion Suede, a bulky (5) weight yarn. I made a few less pineapple repetitions so it wouldn't be hanging below the knees when worn. I highly recommend this pattern. I never made anything with a pineapple design before and this pattern was extremely user friendly.

Thanks for looking!

ps--I have a confession to make, I started another pair of slippers last night.


  1. What a beautiful scarf! Something I'd like to make! Slippers are a good thing ... no matter how many. Have a lovely evening.

  2. Sharon, it's beautiful! I've been wanting to try the suede yarn but haven't -- and I've been eyeing that same pattern. So nice to see it worked up.

  3. Thats beautiful!!!
    LOL... who are the new slippers for?

  4. Thanks ladies. I agree with you Glor, can never have enough slippers. I wear them to bed at night. Bev, the suede yarn is pretty easy to work with except it's a little more difficult if you have to do a little frogging--not extremely bad, just a little bit. :) Tea--the slippers are going into my gift drawer and I'll pull a couple pairs out at random and wrap up for Christmas gifts.


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