12 November 2012

Last Pair of Slippers for a While

We had a friend going into the hospital today, so I  made him a pair of slippers too. He had a tumor on his bladder and when he was opened up this morning, they discovered his prostate also had cancer and both were removed. If you wouldn't mind, he could use our prayers. Thanks everyone.


  1. oh no...saying prayers for he and his family now...so sorry for the bad news

  2. Nice slippers - I'm sure your friend will love them. I will say a prayer for him. :)

  3. Wondeful slippers.. and wonderful gift!
    Prayes to your friend my dear!!!

  4. Thanks everyone. He should be coming home today or tomorrow. As bad as it sounds, I am thankful that the cancers have been found and the affected organs/tissues removed so that he can, with treatment, begin to heal. Thanks for your prayers. All of you are appreciated more than you can ever imagine. Hugs...


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