30 August 2012

A Funny Bone Tickler

Saw this on fb and had to share with you.

Not much is going on here. I'm stumped on the vest I've been working on forever. The problem is  that I am at a part where I have to think and pay attention to what I'm doing. I did make a quick pair of slippers to try and get my crochet mojo back but I haven't taken a picture of them yet. 

I had my eyes examined yesterday and ordered glasses from Zenni Optical. The frames are stylish and for a pair of glasses with no line bifocals and poly carbonate lenses PLUS a pair of no line bifocal sunglasses I spent $113.80 total price. I've never had prescription sunglasses before and I'm breaking down and getting some because I'm tired of squinting when I drive. When the glasses come in I'll let you see them and give a review. 

Okay, that's it for now.


  1. My hubby and I have ordered glasses from Zenni before too! They are just as good as the high-dollar ones. BestBuyEyeGlasses.com is another good one with low prices. 8-)

  2. Cute comic. :-)

    I have clip-ons for my glasses that I like. Hope you like your new glasses and they come come in quickly for you. Heather

  3. Thanks Heather. I tried to use clip-ons but my lenses are too thick.


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