08 August 2012

What to Do???

I only have a few ends to weave in on the baby blanket I'm making. After sizing up my stash the other day (instead of downsizing like I promised myself) I'm self-debating about my next project. I've been considering making a sweater for me. Yes, a WEARABLE and for ME!!! I have another afghan I want to make for a friend but it's on hold for now. This pale green yarn with some flecks in it is just begging to be made into a sweater for me. I haven't made anything for myself in a long time so maybe it is about time to do that. Here's a couple patterns I'm debating over and let me know if you have made either of these--

 Robyn Chachula, “Ridge Swing Cardigan,” Interweave Crochet, FALL 2008, 14-17

New Crochet Basics 12 Designs for Beginners (Little Rock: Leisure Arts, n.d.), 14,27-28.

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a good woman appeals to the heart.
One is a jewel; the other, a treasure.
--Napoleon Bonapart


  1. Both are nice sweaters, I haven't made either. The post stitches on the v-neck may make for a bulky sweater, but it would certainly be warm. Looking forward to seeing which one you choose. Heather

  2. I haven't made either one, but I like that first one. :)


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