13 August 2012

Ladies Lace-Collared Vest--A WIP

Remember how I was talking not long ago about making a wearable for  me? The more patterns I looked at the more I realized that even though I have a very large stash of yarn, it seems that I didn't have enough of one color that I liked to have a sweater made out of. Soooo, digging through some more patterns, I decided to make a vest. Here's the pattern I chose--

Pattern info: Kim Biddix, “Lace-Collared Vest,” Crochet! July 2007, 38-40, 89-90.

I started working on it last night and I finished about 1/2 of the back. So far it looks like a big rectangle.

The yarn I'm using is a Red Heart Super Saver yarn. The color  is a light sage tweed and it is named "frosty green fleck." I'm hoping by posting pictures this soon into it, that I'll keep motivated to finish it especially if I hit a problem or 2. I think I should have chained 2 instead of 3 when starting new rows; I'll do that on the front pieces. As long as this turns out, I think it will look great with a pair of jeans when the weather gets chilly.

All that we have and are is one of the
unique and never-to-be-repeated ways God
has chosen to express Himself in space and
time. Each of us, made in His image and
likeness, is yet another promise He has
made to the universe that He will continue
to love it and care for it.
--Brennan Manning



  1. Good choice - it's pretty. :)

  2. I like both the pattern and the color. Can't wait to see it finished. I don't remember seeing this pattern before -- really will look GREAT on you.


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