09 August 2012

Summer Sky Baby Ripple

I finished this last night. The pattern is a freebie from here. This blanket goes with the one in the next picture (you may remember it ) for my cousin's twins due in a couple months.

I started and ended with 5 rows of color A (blue/green). 2 rows of color B (multi/cream) between colors A and C. Color C ripples are 3 rows (yellow/pink). I listed the first colors as "boys/girls." I enjoyed making this blanket. It just takes a bit longer since it is all single crochets.

Moving on to my first real wearable...


  1. They both are very nice - your cousin will love them. :)

  2. Love those colors together! Your cousin will love them I'm sure :)

  3. Your baby blanket turned out great! Looking forward to seeing which wearable you chose. Heather


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