06 August 2012

Little Baby Birds

Hubby told me to look at the picture he took with my camera. All I saw was a bird nest with some funny looking triangles in it. After downloading it to the computer, lo and behold it was a couple baby birds.

Of course I had to go see them for myself. Their mother had built their nest in a snowball bush in the backyard. This bush is right next to the patio where we frequently sit during the afternoons.  I am always amazed at how close to humans some birds will build their nests. I had to take my own picture and I caught this hungry looking baby.

..."Welcome, sweet bird!" I fondly cried,
No danger need'st thou fear,
Secure with me thou may'st abide,
Till warmer suns appear.
--Charlotte Richardson



  1. Such sweet little birds. I love to watch the birds make their nests and see the eggs. Lately, the hawks have been eating the birds and eggs, so we haven't seen too many hatchlings. Thank you for sharing your pics. Heather


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