12 March 2015

I'm Still Here

I'm still around, just haven't been blogging. Have you noticed that many old-time bloggers aren't here any more? That many newer blogs are blatantly commercial? There are some blogs I totally enjoy visiting because they're written by and for REAL people.

Even though I haven't been here lately, I have been working on some small projects. I will be posting them over the next week or so. For today, I will be showing you some dishcloths I've made and the links to the patterns. Here we gooooooo--

This is a scrappy dishcloth that I made for everyday use. I like to minimize waste.

  • Shells in a row dishcloth
  • Bubble dishcloth (sometimes a black box pops up and says something about the owner needing to pay for their blog. Just click the "x" in the corner and you will be able to continue on to the pattern.)

Lodge LCS3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Chef's Skillet, 10-inch


  1. Hi Sharon, it's great to see you blogging. Your dishcloths are great. I like ones that have a nice texture to them for scrubbing. I too miss our "old" blogging friends. Things were different a few years ago before instagram and FB got so big. Blogging is my only social media, so I keep at it and take little breaks when I need to. I hope you are enjoying sunny FL. Heather

    1. Thanks Heather.Florida has been great but it is almost time to head back to KY and that's good because I'm missing my sons. I enjoy blogging because my blog is open to the "public" whereas my facebook is for friends only. Your blog is one I enjoy and I hope you continue blogging.

  2. Welcome back, Sharon :-) Yes, I've noticed a lot of good blogs disappearing. And I agree with you; I know a lot of people blog as a living so their blogs tend to be more commercial, but I really prefer the ones that are more casual, written by people just sharing their lives. Great dishcloths! I need to make some for our bathrooms; thanks for the links.

    1. Thank you Kate. Your blog is one I enjoy very much so I hope you keep blogging for a long time. I shouldn't complain that people make money off their blog. Every few years I get a check from Google adsense. I don't have a big following, hence only getting paid every few years. I like these dishcloths too, They're hubby's favorite and since he does the dishes, most of the ones I make will be these. :)


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