30 March 2015

Here's a Bunch More Finished Items

I'm catching up with posting my finished projects. I had a lot of them and I made a few more things. Here we go--

This is a hat made from chunky (aka super bulky) yarn. The pattern is the Nifty Newsboy Hat. My version turned out a little big (I crochet loosely). If I make this hat again, I will use a smaller hook. This pattern is easy and was fast to make.


Here's a neat looking slouch hat. It is the Amazing Grace Blissful Slouchy. It is a cute pattern that I found out I had to pay attention to what I was doing and not get wrapped up in the television like I do many times.

These next hats are made from my favorite slouchy hat pattern Rubylene. You can make it slouch more or less by changing the number of shell rows.


Next is a hat I just whipped up because I wanted something easy to make. I left off the pom-pom because I don't like pom-poms for adults. I'm not terribly fond of this design. It's easy but it just seems so skimpy and not a good choice for cold winters. This is the Adult's Easy Crochet Hat.


This is a hat for a gentleman. It is made from the Crochet Seafarer's Cap pattern.This is my favorite hat pattern for men. I believe it is the most manly pattern for a man who likes basic, conservative fashions like my guys do.


This next hat is made from the Woman's Granny Hat pattern. This was a fun, easy pattern to work with. The final row called for a reverse single crochet but I changed that to my own design because I am not coordinated enough to do the reverse single crochet.


I made a Granny Scarf to coordinate with the above hat. Both patterns were designed by Suzette of Suzie's Stuff blog.

The last hat I made is the Elegant Hat designed by Kim Guzman. I like to change out the decoration on the side of this hat when I make one. This is the only pattern I make that turns out small. I usually make it with a larger hook but I forgot to this time so this hat is for a girl instead of a woman. Wish I had my "heads" here to model these hats. In a week I'll be back to my stash and supplies so in the near future new hats will be displayed better.


I'm caught up with posting my finished objects. I don't even have a project on the hook right now. That will change tonight when I sit down to watch  Mike and Molly and 2 Broke Girls.

Take care my friends.


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  1. Wonderful finishes, Sharon! I like the pink and black combos. And that chunky green is neat.


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