18 March 2015

Today's Finished Objects are Mostly Hats

Here are 3 hats made from the same pattern. There is a little bit of slouchiness to these hats. The solid blue one is more slouchy because I made 1 more row of shells in it (10). The other 2 hats I did 9 rows so that I could have every other row a different color with the start and stop rows of shells the same color. Here's the pictures--

Last but not least is a dishcloth that I made from a pattern in the book Dishcloths 11 Crochet Designs. I used the pattern on page 26 called "Shells." This book is one that is carried at Walmart.

This is all for now folks. See you later gators...



  1. Pretty hats and pattern. I like how with a little mixing of colors, they all look a bit different. Have a great day, Heather

  2. I know what you mean about color making the same pattern look different. That's what I like about granny squares--monochrome vs many colors make a difference between sophisticated and homey look.


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