22 March 2012

Thief with a Gun at Our Walmart

My son works at our local Walmart. The other day, a man and a woman came into the store and tried to steal some television sets. When they tried to leave the store, security approached them and the man pulled a gun and my son was standing right there next to the crazy man. The crooks got away but there are photos of them from the store's surveillance cameras. I hope someone will recognize them and turn them in.

This is the female wanted in connection with this crime

 The get-away car--wannabe thieves Lincoln

Another view of the get-away car a Lincoln

My son in the vest. The "crook" is returning gun to back pocket, the female "crook" in pink and security in the front of her.

Here is the story from one of our local television stations. If anyone has any information on this, please call the Radcliff, KY police department at (270) 351- TIPS.

Thanks everyone!


  1. That must of been scary - thank goodness no one got hurt.

  2. Last year news was all over about a guy pulling out a knife here at the local Walmart. He was stealing a pair of work boots. I have friends who work at the Walmart and they all told me about it. Then find out it was my neighbor who did it....So glad I moved! People are stupid risking a life for something like boots or a dang TV. Hope they find the people!

  3. How awful (and scary)! I hope they catch them. Heather

  4. Yes it was scary especially when I saw my son's picture in the newspaper! Matthew didn't even tell us about it. You know times are tough for many people but television sets are not a necessity! Could almost understand if they were stealing a pack of lunch meat because they didn't have money or food but a tv??? NOT!


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