14 March 2012

Pattern Has Error!

Darn pattern I'm using to make the toddler 'ghan has a couple errors in it! I'm matching up my stitches and sewing the pieces together and the darned stitches aren't matching up!

After making and joining the first 5 granny squares the pattern says to do 7 rounds but that doesn't work so I had to do 6. Supposedly this situation happens again after the 2nd set of grannies are sewn on. That's where I'm at now so I'll let you know later if I had the problem again. I wasn't going to give the link to the pattern until I was finished but I'll give the link anyway in case someone is making this and running into the same problems. Here's the link.

I can't really blame my slowness on the pattern alone--whenever I work with squares I get slow. Afghans made from squares are one of my favorites to have, just not to make. :)

Anyway, here's the progress I'm made--

I need to get some confidence in myself that when a pattern isn't working out that it might be the pattern and not me. If I can't do that then I need to google for problems before I start frogging the 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) time.

The colors are purple and gold for a young Minnesota Vikings fan.

Hope y'all are having some nice weather like we are (low 80s) and having a great week!

Hugs to all my family and friends....

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  1. It's beautiful!

  2. It looks nice Sharon - sorry you're having problems with the pattern. :)

  3. Oi amiga
    Desculpe a demora para aparecer por aqui, mas ando muito ocupada ultimamente que estou sem tempo para apreciar os meus blog's favoritos.
    Mas toda vez que venho aqui fico encantada com tanta coisa linda!
    Parabéns vc é uma ARTISTA.

    Fique com Deus!bjs

  4. You have done very good work thus far, it looks very pretty. Nothing burns me more than an errored pattern, oh just thinking of it makes me feel like steam will come out of my ears, oh I hate that so much. I feel for ya on that. Been there. Hugs

  5. Thanks Piper. Both known errors taken care of and now the next stage is 40 more granny squares--my favorite thing to make--NOT lol!

  6. Oh Sharon!!!!!!!! Those colors are so amazing together. I can't wait to see it finished. I am GOBSMACKED. ;-)


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