18 March 2012

Variegated Pastel Baby Booties

I've been looking around for a pattern to make baby booties that didn't require working in the round. I often end up doing something wrong and end up with some wonky looking object when I'm working in the round because I start my round in the wrong place, join in the wrong place or something else. Anyway, I had a small bit of this pretty yarn from who-knows-where and I thought it would make pretty booties. I had a mission to find a pattern and I decided to use this one minus the jingle bells. I liked it except for the back which is joined together with sc--the next time I will slip-stitch the back together. Now that I have figuratively talked your ear off, here's the pictures:


  1. So cute!

    Your header`s a riot!!!


  2. Thanks! BB--I got the picture on my header from the Library of Congress website and then I played on a couple photo editing websites and "tweaked" it with special effects.


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