30 March 2012

A Talented Little Girl

I received these videos in an email and I have to share them with you. This little girl was on the Britain's Got Talent show. At the time of the first video she was only 6 years old. Her name is Connie Talbot. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did with my watery eyes :-).

Here she sings I Will Always Love You:

More on Connie Talbot's Music


  1. She is just the cutest - she'll be a star for sure. :)

  2. What a lovely voice. As a jazz singner myself it is lovely to hear such talent from someone so young.

    Also, I hope you dont mind, but i am following you now. I have been a "lurker" for some time, but have come out of the shadows!

    Your sense of humour and zest of life and your craft really make me smile!

    Lizi - Silly Ewe yarns


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