11 July 2010

Crocheted Summer Outfit for Doll

Here's my latest finished crochet project.  It is a doll for my friend's granddaughter.  I recycled a doll from the thrift store that was in perfect condition.  Then, I crocheted the outfit.  It's a free pattern but I don't remember where I found it!  I'll look for it and post the link later on.  I'm really looking forward to visiting my friends in California next this week!  Whoo Hoo!  Sharon's coming to town--lol!


  1. Oh that is just too cute and what a pretty color also. I keep saying I am gonna look me a goodwill baby doll but I just never get around to it, that would be good to use to test the baby stuff on lol

  2. This little doll was in perfect shape except for a small dirt spot on the face. I gave her a bath and put the clothes on her and she's good as new :)! I'm bringing small gifts to my friends and families so it was going to be a bit pricey but I found some good deals and made slippers for a couple of them. I need to look for a real baby-sized doll at Goodwill too.


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