10 July 2010

A Cute Cartoon from 1936--"Somewhere in Dreamland"

One of my blog followers mentioned that she had been trying to find a favorite old cartoon.  I think that  I may have found it--here is Somewhere in Dreamland.  If this isn't it Lynn, let me know and I'll "sleuth" around the Net some more.

Search Amazon.com for somewhere in dreamland


  1. Oh wow Sharon you are such a good person to find it for me and yes that is it! Im so excited to see that it is on youtube, I would never had thought to even look for it there now I can watch it when I want to, thanks so much, we use to have it on dvd but I gave it to my daughter since she lives on her own now and I dont think I will ever see that dvd again LOL 1936, that is an old cartoon lol, thanks so much again and I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  2. Happy to be of service. :) I can understand why you like this cartoon. It is very sweet.


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