11 May 2012

A WIP I Forgot

I forgot about this wip and found it the other day and recommenced working on it. Geez, that CADD and Old-Timers is really kicking in here. It's going to be a baby blankie when it grows up is finished. Anyway, I'm just using the basic granny square design for this. The yarn is soft and fluffy--Be Mine by Patons that I got cheap some time ago. I was on the hunt this morning for a unique background for the picture. I think I failed in that when I used the bushes in front of the house. There's only so many places to take pictures around here. Maybe I should have made my bed since my comforter is a pretty blue and tan design that might have looked nice, maybe next time. ;) Here it is (alas it's a bit dark-looking):

I'm going to Louisville today and Hobby Lobby is there so I'm going to look for a contrasting color yarn to use as the border. Speaking of border, is the correct term border or is it edging or does it really matter? I seem to use both terms interchangeably.

Take care everyone, I'm off to get ready to go to the "big" city!


  1. I had a hard time finding a good spot to take pictures - that's why I use my back steps alot. I always call it a border, but edge is good too. Have fun at Hobby Lobby. :)

  2. Hi Sharon, like the blue can't wait to see what the boarder color will be. Ohh Hobby Lobby I love that store went to one when I was in TN wish they were here. Can I tag a long...lol....WIPs can be fun to take up again...have a great weekend.. :) ~~Debb

  3. Sorry I missed your post Debb or you could have tagged along. Our Hobby Lobby is about 40 miles away so I only get there if I have other business in the area.

  4. I've heard of ADD, ADHD and even AAADD (Age Acquired Attention Deficit Disorder) but I've never heard of CADD. What does the 'C' stand for?

  5. Crochet Attention Deficit Disorder ;)


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