16 May 2012

WIP Wednesday (16 May 2012)

Yep, it's another baby blanket. I have a cousin expecting twins and I want to make baby blankets for each of the precious little ones. Problem is, I don't know if they're going to be boys, girls or one of each. What I'm doing is gambling on at least 1 little girl and I'm making this in girly colors. No one in my family reads my blog so I can post this here without spoiling the surprise. Just started this last night so not too much progress yet.

I might live in a different state but I can "cuddle" the little ones with baby blankets.  I have some bright yarn in my stash that will make a great boy version of this blanket too. I plan to make both blankets out of the same pattern but different colors and other slight variations.

Signing off now....

Ripple Crochet Patterns


  1. I love your ripple blanket. I am in the process of making one myself. I love how the ripples are so striaght

  2. Thank you. I love the older or maybe it's better to say traditional patterns like the ripples and granny squares. I'm looking forward to seeing yours.


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