05 January 2012

I'm Boycotting Walgreens

I'm boycotting Walgreens because they no longer accept the military's health insurance (Tricare). I will miss them because I always enjoyed couponing at our local store after perusing the Sunday ads in our local newspaper. I'm encouraging participation in this boycott. With support of our military a high priority among many American's this is something we can do to benefit them. This boycott will hurt Walgreens  where it counts--their bank account!


  1. I'm with you too. I am not a military member, but I do support the boycott. May I add that each of us needs to call, email or write Walgreens and let them know we are boycotting AND WHY.

  2. oh I am with you, I have shopping there and got my meds there but they now are not accepting Anthem either... now that you say they won't accept Military insurance then that seals it...I'm with you...

  3. Thanks ladies! Let's pass the word and maybe we'll get them to reconsider!


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