04 January 2012

WIP Wednesday (03 Jan 2012)

Working on a sweater for my good friends' furbaby Oodie. I did some changes to my use of the yarn colors. A few ends to weave in, buttons to sew on and a pocket to attach then it will be done. I hope to finish it tonight unless something comes up.

Here's a list of what I completed in 2011:

1. Scarf (7)
2. Baby cocoon w/ hat
3. Earwarmer
4. Baby booties (3 pr)
5. Granny ripple afghan (1)
6. Dog shrug
7. Adult Slippers (13 pr)
8. Afghan out of squares (4)
9. Doily out of ww (3)
10. Hooded Scarf
11. Hat 2
12. Baby Blanket
13. Dishcloth (20)
14. Hat--little girl
15. Left-over granny ghan
16. Wave afghan (3)

Every year I think I have finished more that what I did. But as I look at the list, that's really quite a few projects although some are small like the dishcloths. I'm documenting this here so that I can go back and compare what I do year to year.

Did any of you save your yarn "snippings" from last year. I know that many of you said you were and I was wondering if anyone did and what your plans are for them. I have a small gift bag full.

If you click on the button below, you can see what some other people have been working on.

Take care!


  1. Can't wait to see this finished! I've never done a dog sweater but am considering one for my Jack Russell Terrier, Jethro. He doesn't like the cold at all. His big sister, Molly, loves it out there but she's got some St Bernard in her.

  2. I really should start a list of what I complete in 2012 - where do you keep your running list throughout the year w/o loosing it?

    I read about people keeping yarn clippings last year to put out in the spring for birds to use in nest building....I've started collecting them over the past week or so and am sending them home to my Dad for the birds in the county :-)

  3. You've accomplished alot this year Sharon.

    I filled a mason jar lamp with my yarn clippings. The lamp is for my craft room. :)

  4. That's some list!
    Great idea to keep a list too.
    I keep wanting to make a coat for our minpin but have yet to do it.

  5. Thanks everyone. Maybe I'll do more this year since I gave up playing Cafe World on Facebook. I was too addicted to that game and it took up too much of my time that I could have been crocheting. Hope you have good luck with the coat for your minpin Marsha.

  6. Almost forgot, I keep a running list on my blog in the column on your right. Presently there is only listed my WIPs.


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