10 January 2012

I'm Taking Off Again...

A good friend has sent me a ticket to go visit her in California. I'll be leaving a little later today. I've been planning my crochet projects to go--dishcloths and slippers (a different pattern than my usual.)

I really don't care for living where we do so any chance I get for a get-away I'm game for. I'm pretty weird, because I'm agoraphobic (honestly, I've been diagnosed) but I can handle, and eagerly look forward to seeing old friends (old as in long-time not age.) The friend I am going to see has been my friend since high school!

I have a doggie sweater finished for my friend's furbaby--hope it fits! I'll get a picture when I visit them and post it when I get back. Postings will be pretty slim for the next 2 weeks so I'll try to remember to take lots of pictures to post. I'm pretty bad about taking pictures when I go visiting. When I was at my uncle's I managed to take pictures of all the projects he had done around his house and you got it, I forgot to get one of him!

I'm just rambling on here so I'll sign off. Hugs....

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