15 June 2008

Entry for April 04, 2008

Entry for April 04, 2008

Just want to express some of my frustration. I belong to a forum online and this forum actively promotes censorship. Someone wrote in and complained about trademarked item she owned that was stolen. When members of the forum wrote to the "violator" and posted copies of emails received from violator in the forum, the moderator removed them. OK, now when a person receives correspondence from another individual whether snail mail or email, the receiver may do whatever she/he wants to with that correspondence as long as it isn't obscene and is basically G-rated (we don't want obscenity, pornography, violence, etc... around minors). Another time was when a member mentioned in the title of a posting that she had a new online shop. The moderator considered this posting offensive because it might not be fair to advertisers. This posting did not include an addy for the online shop nor did the poster have the same user name at both sites so there was no way to "look up" the online shop. This moderator doesn't seem like she's offering guidance but more like a gestapo agent in how stringently she polices the forum--even warning people about violating copyright when they just asked where to find plans/patterns/charts with no mention of wanting an illegal copy of a copyrighted item and as far as I'm concerned, the individuals were asking where to purchase or borrow said items.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my gripes.
Graphic courtesy of http://www.paulflynnmp.co.uk/images/censorship2.jpg (Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 blog)

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